Our mission is to divulge the core principles of Yoga, not to create yet another style. To promote practice and understanding of this art/science, as a mean of personal growth, and as a path toward physical and mental well- being.

Yoga means union: between mind and body. Connection with ourselves, and, in time, with all things.

This is a very “by the book” answer.

Truth is, Yoga is one of the most wonderful things that one can do.

Is pure beauty and happiness.

Technically, every time that we experience deep well-being we are Yoga!

That’s the core point for us.

Sometimes, we feel good (we’ re happy). Why is that? And how can we reach again, reliably, that well-being?

This is our answer.

our values

the teacher

Massimo Celentano approached the world of Yoga and martial Arts at a very young age and thus headed on a path towards self-growth that led him to become a really unique teacher of eastern disciplines.

He studied, traveled around the world and lived abroad, in UK, Japan, US, and Australia.

His multidisciplinary training over the course of years led him to create “Inner Warrior”, a seminar where the teachings from yogi and samurai allow the student to face their fears and to express fully of their inner potential.

To develop the courses of deconstructed Yoga and Wuchan meditation, with the aim of working beyond the different styles and delving deeper into the principles behind every form of art.

To found Personal Protection, a self-defence method that brings together self-defence, Chinese medicine, yoga, and zen, in workshops across Italy and Europe.

To publish Kali Deva, where the foundations of women self-defence are treated and delved in deeply.

To start the Turiya association – for the study of eastern disciplines as a mean to inner development.

His lessons, spanning from theory to the practice of different disciplines, to meditation, are always full of smiles as well as thought-provoking reflections.

As an initiated, his name Takai Kamome (Soaring Gull), is emblematic of a Pure Being, able to fly high as well as land on the ground.

Every one of his teachings is relevant for everyday life. The benefit emerges both physically and soul deep. His “deconstructed” approach is disarming for the ego and, at the same time, liberating for the spirit.

Massimo and his disciplines are the best cure for whoever is looking for a real personal growth, physical as well as spiritual.

He teaches in the Turiya center, in via della Mendola, 61, Rome.


The part of our being that is rational, scrutinizes with care the surrounding world, getting deep and meaningful teachings.

Then there is the other part: irrational, illogic, instinctive and intuitive.

It speaks the language of myths and archetypes and can tell a lot about us.

It’s a voice that needs to be listened to and recognized. In every tradition, around the world, is the voice of the shamans: healers, storytellers, sorcerers. They were the channel that connected the entire tribe to the world of the spirits, bringing back teachings and leading the way through the harsher moments,

If we can get beyond tradition and superstition, the body of the practice that the ancient shamans experimented constitutes an enormous chance of growth for all of us.

These practices go to the root of today’s deepest evil: the estrangement from nature and its rhythm, the estrangement from our sensations, the constant judgment we subject ourselves to, and the silence that we force upon our inner voices.

Shamanism is a practice that needs, absolutely, to be brought back.


The world we live our day-to-day experience in is directly related to the quality of our minds.

It’s of paramount importance, then, to take care of our internal state.

There’ s a way to train our better qualities: to be happy, altruistic, optimistic, compassionate.

There’ s a way to drastically change our day-to-day experience.

And, in time, to answer the question “what’s that thing that I call “I”?”

Wuchan (not meditation) is a profound journey of knowledge and self- realization, sometimes extremely orthodox, sometimes the exact opposite.

The point is always to find our way to “another” path, a door towards intimacy with ourselves and a different kind of relation with everything around us,

The way out of disquiet and suffering exist.

It goes from dependency, trough independence, towards interdependence!


Deconstruct is the act to take apart our practice, until we get in detail the principles behind it because is that principle that makes us feel good, that makes us happy.

Be it a movement, a gesture, a position, a type of breathing or meditation, there’s a reality underneath, that once understood, opens an endless world of well-being and profound fulfillment.

Ancient Yogis new that secret and gathered this system of practices using their bodies as laboratories, to understand themselves completely.

A position then can be experienced on a therapeutic level, e.g. to improve alignment and rehabilitate a part of the body; it can be approached as a magnificent physical training, that allows us a renewed union with ourselves, to experiment with our possibilities, prolonging our lives and keeping us active as long as possible.

Or, what’ s more interesting to us, it can be used as a portal towards our inner worlds, working on the archetypical aspect, and on our emotional, mental and spiritual world.

It’s a voyage of self-discovery, with a peculiarity that makes it especially effective: it begins with the physical.

Yogis use the body as a laboratory to gain a deep understanding of themselves.