Our training has the patronage of the European Yoga Federation and the World Movement for Yoga.

These are the 4 principal characteristics of our training.

  • (Yogic) Professionalism: we want to train qualified teachers, that posses a real, hand-on experience, and not only second-hand notions. The teachers need to be able to support their students with the right understanding and overall vision, to guide them through a safe and effective practice;
  • Individuality: to deconstruct is also the tool that allows us to tailor the formation of every individual, because that is the essence of Yoga. This is why we prefer small groups so that we can follow everyone in his personal development, and adapt the teachings to address the most relevant themes for everyone to become a Yogi, rather than simple Yoga Teachers.
  • Immersion: Structure is a fundamental characteristic of the training; The training lasts 3 and a half years, and it’s split into several modules, to better approach every time a particular theme. Every module is immersive: every year focused on a single theme, on the whole extension of it, to delve into it as deeply as possible. That’s the “secret ingredient” of our training;
  • Effectiveness: an unusual term in Yoga, but an extremely important one. The reason why we began studying on Yoga’s principles is exactly to “hone” our practice and make it as effective as possible. Capable of loosening the body, tone the muscles, stimulate our inner energy and, above all, bring peace and happiness to our mind, as quickly as possible. On, and most importantly off, the mat.


Our training began as a “master”, or “mentoring program”, aimed therefore to teachers who were already trained and felt the need to explore further their practice and turn a training of mere hours in a formative life experience.

Starting this year, the training is also open to who would like to start his training from the ground, having only a few years of practice.



Program structure

1° year: Asana and Movement;

2° year: Pranayama and Chakra;

3° year: Meditation and Yoga Philosophy.

4° year: (one-week intensive retreat) Teaching.


The first module, Asana and movement, includes 77 principles of deconstructed Yoga, principles that, in a very short time, can completely change our way to practice Yoga, bring life to the practice and create a real bridge between mind and body. The module is aimed at the Deconstructed Yoga teachers in training, but is also open to whoever wants to improve their personal practice and strongly recommended to Yoga teachers that desire to understand more deeply the theme covered and change their relationship with Yoga on an experiential level.


The theme covered in the first module are

Functional anatomy;

Alignment and Misalignment;

Classical Asana, their physical, anatomical, archetypical, energetical perspectives;

Mobility and stretching;

The body as a door the mind and emotions;

Movement as the foundation of the human being


The second module, Pranayama and Chakra, contains its own principles and includes classical Yoga techniques and especially the study of a conscious perception of the flow of Energy through the body.

The third module, Meditation and Classical texts, is the point where the practice transforms completely, after the two-year immersion in the body. The journey becomes a source of unprecedented joy and startling clarity.


The fourth module is Teaching.

Now everything we learned is harnessed for the well-being of our students so that a real change can occur for them, as it has occurred for us. It’ s the moment to give back what we received. Teaching is the highest form of learning!